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frequently asked questions

Is my device supportetd?
  • You can check out our device compatibility tool here
Do XY beacons need batteries?
  • Yes. A cell battery
What´s the battery life of a beacon?
  • The battery in the beacon will last approximately 6 months before needing replaced
How will XY impact my mobile device´s battery life?
  • The XY Team is committed to the best user experience and bleeding your battery is not that. At XY we test the battery effects of our apps very rigorously. Certain phone are affected more than others but we are continually working to reduce the effect on all phones.
What is the range?
  • Indoors, you will consistently see a range of 150ft. With normal wall construction, people, or similar obstructions     our testing has shown a range right around 100 ft+. The only time we have see significant drop-off in range was when we would test behind concrete or metal walls.
What are the dimensions of an XY tag?
  • From Point to Point, the tag is approximately 40mm, and the width varies (due to the shape) from approximately 3mm to 6mm.
Can non-Bluetooth 4.0 LE devices use XY tags?
  • No, XY tags require Bluetooth 4.0 LE to communicate with the XY app.
Can i submerge an XY beacon in water?
  • XY is "All XY tags will be water resistent, so for most activities they will be fine. That being said, we would not suggest submerging them fully in water.
What is your exchange policy?
  • We believe very strongly in our product and will stand behind our product if it fails to work properly once delivered. We will happily exchange it if device fails within the first 30 days of use.
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